A night of thoughts…

Sometimes the best things are not seen and not tangible in life… which I think is kind of sad because so many people live life without understanding the real Happiness and Love and kindness.

The last three years have been the most difficult years of my life I think, I just have been through so much sometimes I, even myself ,think that it sounds like a dream…

Being away from family, new country , new people, brand new marriage , new adaptations and new challenges have opened my eyes to numerous things and made me a better person.

Do you ever feel like you are a burden? Do you ever feel like you are a looser and everybody your age has already achieved so much and you are still trying to figure out what to go to school for? Do you ever feel like you are running out of time? Do you ever feel like even you don’t understand yourself or don’t know what you want in life?

I have been struggling with these questions and telling myself over and over that I will not accomplish anything in life… Never have I ever thought that I would struggle with “depression”…

A person who has always been active and never stopped from dreaming and fighting and trying and winning stops to live all of a sudden… why? I don’t know why…nothing seems interesting anymore, things I couldn’t take my mind off have become something dull and things I have loved have become typical…

For some who have never felt what depression is, it is so hard to understand and easy to judge. All I can say is if not you, nobody else ever comes and cheers you up or brings back the life you were once used to have. No, this is not happy ending story, instead I still have depression and still fight and still don’t want to give up.. Once I loved life and still do, I just am lost and need to find myself and everything will be even better than before.

Am I happy? I sure am. Do I get sad? Of course, I do. I have found the love of my life and he does everything and anything to make me happy. I am so blessed I have such a strong and wise husband with me,  whom I can rely  on anything. Sometimes depression doesn’t need any reason to be sad, you are just sad! Sometimes, it helps to let all the anger and sadness and grief built up inside you out, from time to time!

Don’t look for help, help yourself, learn how to love yourself, if it takes that much then become a little more selfish, sometimes crying helps,live for yourself not for others, listen to the wind and look at the sunshine and feel the real beauty in Life…

Nobody is born strong, we become strong!

Nobody knows everything, we learn everything!

Nobody was born a teacher, everybody once was a student!

Nobody is born a winner, we all had to fight!

Nobody was born a hater, we all loved too hard at some point!

Nobody is the same, we are all unique in our own way!

I don’t want to let the whole world know what depression is because many already know what it is… I just want to empty my full heart and feel better and encourage myself to keep on fighting and eventually there always is a light at the end of the tunnel.




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  2. Lesa Rose says:

    I always think to myself that those that are able to share what they are going through or have gone through are brave and courageous. My hope and faith is in my Heavenly Father. I am glad that your husband is a great support for you. Keep growing and learning and experiencing life.

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    1. Ohh Thank you so much! I appreciate such warm words 🙂


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