9 things you are doing wrong!

  1. You don’t wash your make up brushes that often-you buying a nice set of brushes is of course great news but that is only half of what needs to be done with them. Your brushes could be one of the major causes of you having acne and all kinds of bacteria sitting on your face.Your foundation brush is advised to be washed each time you use it, and your powder and blush brushes need to be washed at least 2 or 3 times a week depending on how many times you use them. If you really think about it, it is not that hard to actually make it “a habit”. I usually use the simple hand soap I use everyday and it does the job perfect!brush-1367784_1920
  2. Touching your face– if I would get paid every time I tell people to stop touching their faces I would be pretty much rich in simple terms 🙂 The only reason you touching your face should be because you want to wash it or you have just washed your hands properly and you are safe! If you get rid of that habit of touching your face, a lot of things would change into a better side- trust me! So much of bacteria and acne on your face are actually put on there by you, through your hands.blue-eyes-237438_1920
  3. Spraying perfume on your hair– believe it or not that was something I have loved for years and years, that nice feeling you get when wind blows your hair and your favorite scent touches your face… ahhh unfortunately you are not supposed to be spraying perfume on your hair due to the fact that almost all of the perfume have alcohol in them and they tend to dry your hair.perfume-678828_1920
  4. Not using night cream– I have always thought: I will let my skin breathe and not put anything on it and skip the night cream part. What I have learned, from reading on it, is your skin will relax and breathe with the help of the night cream. The night cream will moisturize your skin and pamper it just as much as it needs to be. I have been addicted to natural make up and natural products because I believe the less you put chemicals on your face, the better it is.cream-1327847_1920
  5. Brushing your hair when it is wet– this is something I just keep finding hard to skip, my hair is crazy hair because if I don’t brush it at that moment, I will end up looking like a Lioness ( and i am  not even kidding), so I have to do something about it when its wet, but it damages your hair badly and causes trauma on your hair. So, what I do these days is, I bought one of those detangling brushes which are huge and just slightly brush with that couple times and woala 🙂 it doesn’t pull my hair or do anything that tragic to it but at the same time lets it dry with some kind of pattern instead of being all over the place and scaring everyone 🙂 woman-586185_1920
  6. Using powder too much– for me powder is something you need to put on once in a day and if you feel like your face has turned oily and its all shiny and you feel embarrassed then use matting napkins or wipes and even if after that you look shiny then you can use it the second or third time. Every time you apply powder on your skin remember, you are clogging those pores and your face is not able to breathe anymore.powder-1343682_1280
  7. Stop using that “scrub”– face scrubs are awesome, I know that! They do wonders for me too but the only problem that exists about them is, you using them too much! Scrubs should be used 2 or 3 times a week and thats enough for your face, if you keep scrubbing your face that will start killing live cells on your skins and actually start damaging the immune system of your face skin.scrub-548198_1920
  8. Switching make up– this is hard to do nowadays with so many options being available out there. No matter how much you want to try new things out, try to keep it on the low because changing the creams you use and foundation and powder and etc. too often, can cause that redness on your skin, acne and various types of rashes. If you like one product and it makes your skin healthier and better looking.. stick to it and do not change anything!cosmetics-1367782_1920
  9. Changing your pillow cases– this is one of those things we forget a lot! Your hair has all kinds of dust and bacteria and oil;throughout the day you lie on your pillow several times a day depending on what kind of day it is, all those bacterias are transferred from your hair to your pillowcase and when you sleep at night, think of how many times you touch your pillow with your face! That will show up in shape of acne on your face 😦double-bed-1215004_1920

This article, by no means,is meant to treat any skin problems or heal any present problems, but something anybody could benefit from. If you like it, I will be humbled if you leave your thoughts and likes and comments down below and share it with your loved ones! Remember whatever it is that makes you insecure, the very and most important thing is your ” inner beauty”



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