Life is a sweet candy that we can’t take away from our mouth even if we know that it is melting and will be gone soon!

Life is a game where we get checked for our strength , will power, tolerance and honesty!

Life is a music which was made by God and plays and plays, it is non-stop!

Life is me and you and them and us!

Life is just a miracle which got too old and doesn’t surprise anyone anymore!

Life is family, mom and dad!

Life is our excitement, amazement, suffering, remembrance and forgetfulness!

Life is a book which we read and the more we read the more we understand that we didn’t know about!

Life is a drop of water which at the end becomes an ocean!

Life is kinder surprise from which you don’t know know what to expect!

Life is a war, cold, harsh and unfair!

Life is calculator which counts always brings up a result but never concludes!

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    TO LIFE!!!! 😀

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    1. Thank you for reblogging, I am humbled 🙂


      1. You are to be congratulated! For your creativity! 😀

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