Homemade Avocado Face Mask

As many of us already know winter makes numerous changes to the condition of our skin; Personally mine becomes extra dry, rough, itchy and easily irritated. I have been looking for a face mask which suits best for my skin because of the fact that my face is not too dry or too moist usually, and its a struggle to chose a face cream during winter. I have tried a number of methods and most of the time they dry my face or make it too oily 😦

Everybody knows fruits and vegetables are good for us both, inside and out. Avocado is one of them as well; Not only is it useful for you in your meals and salads, but it also  does wonders for your skin. Avocado is very rich in antioxidants which will help you to be away from wrinkles, helps with the redness and itchiness of the skin and an unbelievable moisturizer!

Now, I finally found a solution for my skin problems! The best face mask I have ever used in my life was always right in front of me and I never noticed it 😦 , it takes no time to make it and no effort at all and the most important is you don’t even need too much and it won’t cost you more than you planned for sure 🙂 The most crucial part I have loved is it leaves your skin extremely smooth and hydrated plus moisturized, no irritation at all ( on my skin) and not messy!

I promised myself this is going to become something I will never quit doing because it gave me results better than any other cream I have ever tried at home!

Now, if you are ready here is the recipe for it:

  • half of medium sized avocado
  • 2 teaspoons of honey

Now the trick for obtaining the best results is that your avocado needs to be super soft and well ripen and I prefer organic or 100% pure honey for a face mask. You can easily blend it or use a fork 🙂 place half of an avocado and add 2 teaspoons of honey and mix them with fork very very throughly until it reaches creamy mass. Once you have the creamy mixture of avocado and honey, you are all ready!

Please ignore my messiness 🙂

Wash your face with warm water and pat dry it and start applying your face mask. While you have a face mask on, take your chance to enjoy your peace and have some classical background music playing, have some candles on and lie down and rest without thinking about anything! It is your time you devote for yourself! Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off with warm water and apply some organic moisturizer!


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