Difficulty is…


Difficulty- is when you are tired to put your next step on the ground because you don’t know what you are going to end up with!

Difficulty- is when you have no place to go, no one to talk to and the whole world seems like a little box with a closed lid!

Difficulty- is when you have to think for hours and hours before actually saying something because again too scared to hurt feelings!

Difficulty- is when you look at somebody’s eyes and see the tears and grief but can’t find the right word to say!

Difficulty – is when the person next to you is actually a thousand miles away from you!

Difficulty- is when you can’t stop yourself of thinking about problems because they are the only things you have in your life!

Difficulty – is when you look back and see nothing in your past but trying to run away from the destiny!

Difficulty – is when you speak but there is no sound, when you sleep but awake at the same  time, when you ask too many questions but don’t get answers!

Difficulty- is when you stop understanding yourself and do not see anything when you look at the mirror!

Difficulty – is when you have all “those” filling up your heart but too proud to cry!

Difficulty- is when you can’t say ” I Love You” because you are afraid the heart stops from beating because of the Happiness!

So, I guess “Happiness” is the difficulty!



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