Be Nice to your “Neck”

Most of us often complaint about how sore our necks are and even ask for a quick massage from a coworker; After long hours of hectic work our neck does deserve a nice treat! Purchase a nice scented, heated neck wrap or a neck pillow to get rid of that tiring tension and discomfort on shoulders and

  • purchase a heatable wrap or pillow that is filled with rice or aromatic herbs. the scent of the pillow will help you relax your nerves and the heat will loosen the tension that is built up on your shoulders and the weight will be put some pressure on your muscles
  • you can even sprinkle some essential oil on your pillow or neck wrap to make it even more relaxing; you need assure that the scent is not too strong and combines will with he scent of the herbs that already inside the pillow.if you are using a pure essential oil be sure to mix it with carrier oil to avoid skin irritation
  • find a quiet spot and lean back with your head supported, heat the pillow as instructed, place it on your shoulder behind your neck; sit back and think about positive things and relax for about 10 minutes or until your pillow or wrap cools


I have developed a habit of going through this process at least once a week and it helps me to relax and forget about a busy day and saves me a lot by keeping me from going to massages.


And now you are ready for another busy day at work and not afraid to face tomorrow’s challenges!

Resource: LookGood FeelGood by Weldonowen

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