No more Pain or Cold with Anise

Anise is originated in China and is considered one of the widely used spices in Central Asia. You can use Anise essential oil in many different ways: inhale it, use it as a massage oil and add it to your food ( in a seed form) for better digestion and appetite boost.Very flavorful, strong scent and easily noticeable when added to food but creates unbelievably colorful and vibrant taste!

Also used :cinnamon-sticks-925626_1920

  • to flavor toothpaste
  • cough syrups
  • confectionaries
  • beverages
  • cosmetics
  • toiletaries
  • even perfumes

Aromatherapy uses:

  1. when inhaled great for: bronchitis, coughs, congestion and colds
  2. when applied with massage: relieves pains, muscular aches, soothes arthritis and rheumatism.

Instructions for cough or cold and congestion:

  • take a bowl of hot water, add anise essential oil together with eucalyptus and basil oils
  • lean over the bowl (make sure your water is not too hot and you are not too close to the bowl), close your eyes and inhale the fragrant steam with a towel over your head.
  • towel will keep your water warm for longer and enable you to inhale more steam.
  • blend anise and carrier oil and rub it on your chest to ease the congestion in your lungs.

Resources: Aromatherapy by Skye Alexander

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