Cure Diabetes with This Juice

This famous juice contains 5 ingredients that produce very high natural insulin. Try adding it into your regular diet and you sure will notice some great changes! Diabetes is one of the greatest disasters Earth has ever faced, it is even more heartbreaking when little children are already diagnosed with diabetes from their early childhood.

Warning: before trying to cure anything under home conditions, always consult with your doctor and get counseling advice.Never try to diagnose your own disease or prescribe your own treatment without proper testing and analysis!


  • 3½ oz Brussels sprouts
  • 3½ oz Carrots
  • 3½ oz Artichokes
  • 3½ oz Green beans
  • 3½ oz Fresh Lettuce
  • ½ Lemon


Wash all the ingredients with preferably warm water which kills possible chemicals sprayed on them and juice them! Feel free to add some ice and serve in tall glass. Above provided portions make ¾ cup!


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