5 Best Scents for your Bedroom

What is the best type of essential oil for your bedroom? Do they play a great role in your life or day? These are 5 Scents that suit more for your bedroom and contribute to your sleep and obtain peaceful state:

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  1. Lavender. 

It is no doubt lavender is one of the world’s most famous scents, available in any form or shape around the world! Lavender improves productivity, focusing on goals and helps to initiate sales and arranging contracts and setting goals. It helps to improve the process of falling in deep and relaxing sleep. I personally use lavender for bath therapies because of the long lasting smell you obtain after soaking for about 30 minutes.

2. Lemon.

Some might think lemon is something weird they have never thought of as an essential oil, but it actually is one of the greatest helps available for pregnant women who have very bad morning sickness. It is well known for its feature of motivating to work out and do some physical work. I don’t mind the smell of lemon but I was very impressed when my bedroom smelled like fresh lemon in the morning.My favorite lemon essential oil so far is the kind that does not smell too strong to an extend where you feel sick.

3. Rose.

Smell of rose is well known for relaxing and calming and washing away sad thoughts. It is great method to help avoid heart attacks and migraines; It is the very first thing to try when having depression, negative thoughts and insomnia.

4. Eucalyptus.

The only thing to be careful when choosing this type of essential oil is to make sure it is not too strong, otherwise it may trigger nausea, headache and skin irritation if you are sensitive to scents. Eucalyptus is a great to refresh your mind, wake you up and provide great source of energy. It is also well known for curing various illnesses in the airway.

5. Chamomile.

This is child friendly scent which means it can easily be used even in nurseries and adds brightness to the mood and provides deep sleeps as well. Also great for bath therapies makes your skin smooth and moist.Click here to read more about bath therapy recipe in my previous blog post.


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