The Best Way to Stay Healthy


The best medication you can ever provide yourself is –letting things go off of your heart. I remember being on my own as early as I was 15 and ever since I never had a chance to be a kid again. I missed my childhood, I never had a chance to complain about things,I worried about future, bills and many more; I skipped that stage and became a grown up by the age of 16.

I would have so many hardships and so many questions and never answers; I would always try to find the guilty and always think about it. I would lie on my bed at night and question the situation and my difficulties until I would fall asleep, but never have I ever realized that if I only would let things go and learn a lesson from them and free my heart, my life would have been so much more easier.

These were some of the reasons why I decided to start a blog about  A Healthy Life and promote positive style of Life where you can save yourself from all the negative that can hit you anytime in life no matter what your age or your location or your gender and race is. Sometimes we need to stop and give ourselves, our brain, our heart, our mind and soul a “break”. I have learned that sometimes you need to stop and look back and let yourself know that life is not complicated but it is as complicated as you make it!


When your mind and heart are in peace there is nothing that can destroy you but if they are not in peaceful state then most of the time there is nothing that can help you, other than ” You”.

There are so many ways of staying healthy and positive, these were some that have helped me to become a better person I am today, I have been through much and today with all the support of friends and family , happily married to the most wonderful person a girl could ask for and he deserves all the credit for who I am today and where I am today! He has supported me in every single way he could and together we are still working on making our life better and encouraging others stay healthy as well! I would love to share things I like to do in a regular basis in order to keep having a colorful life!

Take fresh, long walkswhen in doubt, take a walk; it will allow you to sort all your thoughts and focus on the things that are important in your life. Sometimes it better to be alone and take some time to analyze our lives.


Don’t try to stop thinking about the problemthe more you try to stop thinking about the problems in your life, the more you concentrate on them; Human brain is not designed to automatically stop thinking about things, it takes time and like they say “Time heals”, you will torture yourself even more when you try not to think about it all the time. Try to find distractions, new hobbies, new activities, fun things you have never done before and always work on growing, learning a lesson, accept everything as an experience.


MusicMusic does wonders! Sometimes it is the best therapy we don’t know about; Every now and then allow yourself to play your favorite music and relax or dance your world out! You can not even imagine how much of negativity it takes out of your heart when you let yourself be free and enjoy great music and dance and picture the greatest things happening to you! 


Nature is the best advisorIf your body is going through some emotional or physical pain, or it is in the process of recovery, nature is the best solution! I can say it from my own experience, because the more you spend time out in the nature, mountains, water and trees, the more you feel the freshness of the air when you take deep, relaxing breaths! Especially early in the mornings, after rain or snow ,are the most magical! Develop habit of spending more time out in the nature and you can already consider it as the first step towards a Healthy Life!


SportsA little sports never hurts anybody; I have never been athletic in my life and I have to admit always had a wish to be one! But that does not stop me from light jogging, walking, stretching or doing millions of more exercises to make my morning or day better. I always become more energetic, less tired, more open to new ideas and new activities after I exercise, I would advise anybody at least to do 15 minutes of exercises in a daily basis.


Surround yourself with positivityRemember, it is only “You” who cares about yourself the most, if you don’t pay fair amount of interest in your health, nobody else will! there will be people who will try to help you but at the end of the day it is up to you wether to accept the help or not. Surround yourself with positivity, positive friends, positive events, inspiring colors, positive activities that make you want to be even healthier, live longer and do more in life than just existing!


Be strictDiscipline is the key to everything but at the same time it is the most difficult part of building a healthy and meaningful life. If you have no discipline over yourself the you are not exercising, you are not eating right, you are not trying to improve your life style and that is how a number of people take it so far and by the time they realize things have gotten so bad, it is already too late! Be strict and set deadlines, set strict goals, try to set an example for people around you, inspire them and you will be inspired!


The only thing I could say to the world  is “ nobody knows you better than yourself and nobody knows a real “YOU” who is hiding deep inside”. Most of the time it is not even an illness but it is just your mind and brain playing different games with you! It is a reality and true, it is “You” who goes to bed alone with all the thoughts of the day and it is only You who can take control of everything around you and say “ NO” to all the negative.


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