Relaxing Bath Therapy

After long hours of work everybody wants some kind of relief from everything that usually goes around us! Some prefer movies, good wine while for some it is the “bath therapy”. I have always used bath therapy as a way to make me forget everything that has ever bothered me or all the problems that haunt me non-stop.

I believe there are very many things you can add to your bath therapy to relax your body, mind and tense muscles; But that is the case only if they are in the right amount and the right combination. Never add anything that may have at least irritated your skin even a little bit sometime in the past or if you have a sensitive skin.

I would like to share the bath blend that I find very relaxing and great way of creating a fragrant water. The recipe does not belong to me, I have found this recipe from “Beauty Secrets” book by John Robins and I am sharing it with you today, so you can enjoy some amazing bath therapy as well!

Bath blend ingredients


  • 3 drops of chamomile essential oil
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops of geranium essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil


  1. Fill up the tub with warm water, make sure the temperature is not too hot or too cold which might irritate your skin; add essential oils which will also help moisturize your skin and mix them with your hands before getting inside the tub;
  2. Get into the tub and spend 10-15 minutes soaking in a peaceful state, close your eyes and take deep breaths;
  3. If you have a ladle pour some warm water on your back and try to enjoy every moment and soak for 10-15 more minutes;
  4. After you finish and dry your skin, don’t forget to apply moisturizer.

Hope you enjoy this bath therapy!


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