Why Tea over other drinks?

These years of being surrounded by so much advanced technology, we have to realize that we are inhaling very many types of toxins and harmful smokes. From time to time it is always a good idea to cleanse yourself from inside, meaning get all those dirts sitting inside of you by drinking liquids.When we choose our drinks to drink we have to always be careful because there is always a useful way and time to drink them; there are some very dangerous as well. Tea- is considered one of the best ways of soothing nerves and cleansing your body from various kinds of infections.


Drinking tea is advised by very many doctors in the world because of the antioxidants it contains in itself; they serve as fighters against the illnesses human body may have. Tea is known to fight against illnesses such as:

  • Heart diseases
  • Several kinds of cancer
  • Parasitic infections
  • Viral infections
  • Fungal infections

I have fallen in love with hibiscus and raspberry herbal teas and I have to have a cup of those at least once a day. That feeling where you can smell the refreshing smell of hibiscus and beautiful color it turns into, make me want to grab a book and  a blanket and sit by the fireplace reading my favorite stories.


There are 4 main kinds of tea:

  • Black 
  • Green
  • White
  • Oolong

Black Tea– is something I am sure everybody knows and there are so many different kinds of flavors that it would almost be impossible to count them all.

Green Tea– is very popular in Asia unlike Western world. It is slightly bitter and comes in grassy flavors.

White Tea -is the rarest and the most expensive tea in the world; comes in delicate, sweet flavors and I have to be honest with you, I have never tried it in my life, but I would love too.

Oolong– is very famous for being fragrant and the taste is somewhat mixture of black and green tea.


As I said above, be warned not to drink tea that has been there for too long or some bottled teas can have very low antioxidants and high sugar contents. Drinking tea during the food consumption is not advised as well, due to the fact that it may wash away all the useful qualities of the food you are consuming.

Hope this was at least a little help for Tea Lovers and feel free to comment with more useful information about teas.

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