Hot dogs,bacon & ham cause “CANCER”

Nowadays it is hard to imagine our lives without smoked meat! Bacon and ham have become our inseparable friends and no party is held without the attendance of hot dogs! But sometimes we don’t realize things we love can be detrimental to our health.the-sausage-815735_1920

According to the encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Michael Murray because of all the sodium nitrate and sodium nitrites,smoked and cured meat become one of the most harmful kinds of meat. These two compounds are famous for keeping food from spoiling for a long time but at the same time increasing the risk of having “Cancer”!  Chemicals react with amino acids in the stomach and form carcinogenic compounds: nitrosamines!grill-771000_1920

The most dangerous part of the evidence is that consumption of nitrates cause several kinds of childhood cancer too: leukemias, lymphomas and brain cancers.

And we still wonder why our kids are becoming sick all of a sudden and we are not being able to keep them safe from all these disasters! If we filter through all the products we consume in a daily basis and take control of the situation, we would most probably be striving towards a healthier life!

Facts in percentages according to Michael Murray, Healing Foods Encyclopedia:

  • Children who eat more than 10 hot dogs per month have almost 10 times the risk of having leukemia as children who do not eat hot dogs.
  • Children who eat hot dogs in a daily basis double or even triple their chances of getting brain tumors
  • Pregnant women who consume cured meat at least twice a day double the chance of giving birth to  babies  who will have brain cancer.
  • Children who eat ham,bacon and sausage develop three times higher risk of having lymphoma than those who don’t
  • Eating hamburgers at least 2-3 times a week triples the risk of developing leukemiapork-69429_1280

I was horrified by only finding out all these facts and was not surprised at all because of the increasing number of cancer patients from year to year. If there is a chance of developing cancer ,why would we take the risk? Seeing all the babies who fight for their lives in cancer centers is heartbreaking and when there is a chance of saving so many lives why wouldn’t we try to do so?

Vegetarian options of various kinds of food are now widely available across America, in fact they don’t taste bad at all! Soy hot dogs, soy bacon, soy sausages have proved to be a lot healthier options than the cured and smoked meat.

It is always safer to buy free-range meats, and avoid consuming charbroiled, well-done and of course fat-laden meats.


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